The Night Programme is an outpatient treatment programme for problem drinkers and concerned persons.

How do I get a place on this programme?

Generally clients in this programme have first completed our Information Programme. We believe that the lectures give clients a good foundation of knowledge to enable them use the night programme more effectively.

What is the purpose of this programme?

This programme is designed to support drinkers who have chosen total abstinence as the way to resolve their problem and also to support the concerned persons.

The Concerned Persons Programme

This is a seperate programme run for those individuals who have lived with, or who are currently living with the issues that arise from another person's problem drinking.

The Problem Drinkers group focuses on enabling clients to develop a greater awareness of the extent of their problem with alcohol, the effect it has on their own life and the lives of those close to them. Group therapy offers clients a safe place to discuss the struggles and successes they experience in recovery. Some information sessions will be included throughout the programme.

The Concerned Persons group focuses on enabling clients to gain a greater understanding of the adjustments they may have unconsciously made to adapt to living with problem drinking, and to support them in meeting the challenge of re-adjusting to a challenging situation.

The participants of this group will be the concerned persons of those in the problem drinkers group.

What is expected of the participants?

There is an expectation that clients will attend every week as continuity is important not just for the individuals concerned but also for the effectiveness of the group.

Confidentiality for all clients is an absolute requirement. You must not disclose the identity of or information about anybody else you meet in the programme. This extends to both clients groups i.e. You must not discuss with your partner anything said by a member of your group.

Is there an age limit?

This is an adult service.....there is no upper age limit provided a client's physical and mental health allows them to attend. As this is an adult service we do not accept referrals of clients under 18 years.

How many people will be in each group?

The size of each group will vary considerably over time but the upper limit is approximately 12 clients.

What are the requirements for admission to this programme?

Problem drinking clients are required to be free from alcohol and all mood altering substances for an absolute minimum of 2 weeks prior to commencing the programme. Mood altering substances include all tranquillisers and sleeping tablets prescribed and non-prescribed - all street drugs and excessive use of over the counter painkillers, cough bottles etc.

Concerned persons who do not have a problem with alcohol are not required to be abstinent during this programme but are required not to drink alcohol on the day of the programme.