When clients contact us by phone, they are first seen for a brief meeting with a counsellor as soon as possible and then will be invited to attend this programme and receive a starting date.The information programme consists of 4 sessions. Group sizes vary according to demand. The maximum number of clients in this group will be 20 people. The Information Programme takes place on Wednesdays 10:30am - 12:00pm.

What is the purpose of this programme?

The purpose of this programme is to connect clients as quickly as possible with the Centre. Through our Information Lectures we hope to help you to have a better understanding of how your drinking or the drinking of somebody close to you is affecting your life.

Who might take part?

The range of people who take part in this programme includes:

  • People who are worried about their own drinking
  • people who are confused about whether or not their drinking is a problem
  • people who have been asked to attend because somebody else thinks that their drinking is a problem e.g. a family member, G.P., probation officer, social worker, counsellor, etc.
  • people who are close to somebody who is drinking in a way that distresses them e.g. a spouse, partner, parent, brother / sister, adult son or daughter, relative or friend.
  • Occasionally primary care professionals such as public health nurses, G.P.'s, Community addiction workers etc.

Programme Schedule:

Week 1

Signs and Symptoms: In this lecture we discuss how alcohol affects the body – how a problem develops and how it affects the drinker and those close to him / her.

(Part 2) Discussion: each week the group is divided up into 2 sections: Problem Drinkers Discussion Group and Concerned Person/Family Members Discussion Group.

Week 2

Unmanageability: This lecture focuses on the impact in multiple areas of life of those drinking problematically or those caught up with somebody close who is drinking problematically.

(Part 2) Discussion for half an hour.

Week 3

Family/Children: In this lecture, followed by a short film we explore the problems experienced by children living in a home where a parent or guardian drinks problematically.

(Part 2) Discussion for half an hour.

Week 4

Treatment and Recovery: In this lecture we explore some of the issues involved in making significant changes, what treatment is about and what is involved in recovery from addiction for both drinkers and their close family members.

(Part 2) Discussion for half an hour.

What is expected of participants?

Clients attending this programme are asked to make every effort to attend the four sessions in sequence.

If you miss a session, our receptionist will tell you the date on which the lecture you missed will be repeated and you can attend that day.

You are asked to be here by 10:30 and to give your name at reception.

Clients are required to be drug and alcohol free on the morning of the Information Programme.

Confidentiality is an absolute requirement. You must not disclose the identity of or information about anybody else you meet in the programme.

Smoking is not permitted in the building.

Letter of Attendance

If you require a letter confirming your attendance at this programme please note that this can only be issued when you have completed all 4 sessions.