We believe that people experience alcohol related problems with varying degrees of severity. The aim of the Centre is to help each individual identify the degree to which alcohol is a problem in their life. We appreciate that there may be difficulties experienced not only by the problem drinker but also by the immediate family. Therefore, treatment directly involves, wherever possible, at least one member of the immediate family.

We offer a variety of approaches to help clients resolve their difficulties: Abstinence-based treatment, Controlled Drinking, Individual Counselling, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Information for Family Intervention.

The centre offers a range of programmes to help individuals achieve their goals. These programmes are centred on education and self-awareness for both, the indvidual and their families. While these programmes are available to all, the centre also offers individual counselling to motivate the individual to make the best choice for themselves.

We encourage clients to contact us via self-referral which can be a phone call. During this phone call, we will take your details and get back to you with a first appointment.

We are also happy to accept referrals from doctors, social services, community nurses, companies, probation services and the courts in conjunction with a client's application.

The catchment area for all our services is North Dublin City and County. For our Day Programme we accept referrals from Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow.


Stanhope Centre was established in 1977 in order to provide a comprehensive range of services for problem drinkers and their families. The staff team at Stanhope are qualified specialists in the area of hazardous alcohol use and addiction. We specialise in helping individuals and families struggling primarily with alcohol and gambling. The Stanhope staff team are fully accredited and have a range of Psychotherapy- and Counselling skills.